Sundance Video

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A very amateur compilation of my very amateur footage take during my week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Many thanks to my good friend Dominic and his pal Marciano Agabon for a sweet place to stay and access to all the shows, films and parties. Thanks also to all the very cool and interesting people I met who made the week so awesome and memorable.

Visa Photos & Baht Pinching

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Some countries require an ID photo to get a Visa. I’ve read that getting them in advance can make things much easier, so I went over to Kinko’s while in Salt Lake City. I knew Kinko’s had a passport photo service, but I suspected that like AAA’s, it may be expensive. Sure enough, the copy people wanted to charge me $14 to take and print 2 digital pictures. Not only that but they would charge me another $12 for each additional pair. Considering my plan was to bring 20 photos on my trip, this would quickly add up to over $100. Somewat expecting this, I had Dom take a picture of me in front of a white wall before I left the hotel.

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Leaving Early for LA

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We’ve had enough cold weather, my friend Dom’s got the flu and Sundance is winding down, so we moved our Monday flight to today…

Southwest Airlines – Flight #754 – Saturday, January 28
Depart SALT LAKE CITY UT (SLC) at 6:55PM and Arrive in LOS ANGELES INTL (LAX) at 9:00PM

Goonies Never Say Die

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We waited around two hours for the free shuttle service to take us into town. The chalet I’m staying at is right on the slopes, about a 10 minute drive from all the films and parties. It’s freaking cold here so to not be walking outside for any longer than we had to, we ran into the first place to eat we found. They’d run out of half the stuff on the menu. I guess Sundance is getting too big for the twon and they’re considering moving it. When a bar and grill is out of french fries and hamburgers, it must be pretty damn busy.

After we ate, my goood friend Dominic sacficed his spot at the premier of the Beastie Boy’s new film “Awesome, I Fuckin Shot That!”, so I could go. The film was scheduled to start at Midnight. Adam Horovitz (Ad Rock) came down to the front of the theatre to introduce the film. He was pretty chill, a bit nervous actually, which kind of blew my mind considering he’s been performing in front of tens of thousands since the early 1980’s, when I bought my first tape ever, Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill.

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Park City Chalet

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Staying HERE for the next few days…

First International Stop – Malaysia

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Departing Monday, February 6, 2006

Delta Airlines # 8957 (China Airlines # CI 7) – Los Angeles (LAX) to Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Chiang Kai Shek (TPE)
China Airlines # 665 – Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Chiang Kai Shek, (TPE) to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Int’l (KUL)

This flight arrives on Wednesday.

Total duration: 22hr 50min | Total miles: 8792 miles

Staying four nights at Red Palm Hostel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thanks to the book my friend Kevin got me, I will hopefully attend the Thaipusam Festival on Saturday, Feb 11th…

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Breath, Eat and Shit

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I’ve been in Vegas for half a week and have yet to see a casino. Instead I’ve spent my days in silent thought, shifting focus from my feet to laptop screen. I’ve spent my evenings in conversations of life and love with my friend Harry. We talked about perception as the culprit for misunderstanding, about the power and weakness of language and about the bliss¬ís found in faith and faithlessness.

Tonight I’m headed for Sin City Hostel, to spend one night and day alone on the strip before boarding an overnight Greyhound to Salt Lake City, where I’ll join my very hip friend Dominic for a week of music, film, parties and famous folk at the Sundance Film Festival. I’m looking forward to being star struck by names and faces who breath, eat and shit just like me.

New Website Launch

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Well this site’s not 100% ready, but my trip is starting so here it is! Look out for some bugs like image sizes in the slideshow, some of the data not making sense, and the map getting mixed up on places I’ve been to twice. Other than that things should be working pretty good. Please let me know if you find something weird.

6 Days Left

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Southwest Airlines

Tuesday, January 17 – PROVIDENCE RI(PVD) to PHOENIX AZ(PHX) Flight 377 V Depart PROVIDENCE RI(PVD) at 1:30PM and Arrive in PHOENIX AZ(PHX) at 5:30PM

Tuesday, January 17 – PHOENIX AZ(PHX) to LAS VEGAS NV(LAS) Flight 1327 V Depart PHOENIX AZ(PHX) at 7:00PM and Arrive in LAS VEGAS NV(LAS) at 7:05PM

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