What Am I Doing Here?

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I slept about 4 hours during my full day of travel time from LA to Kuala Lumpur. Surprisingly I still had plenty of energy today. It’s midnight and I’m still wide awake.
When the plane was approaching the runway, the passenger video screen showed a map of the earth and our very far from home location. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and dealt with irrational thoughts like “why am I here?” and “what did I just do?” I get that feeling everytime I go somewhere far from home. It usually only lasts a day or so. After forgetting to look for toilet paper until it was too late and fending off vendors at the night market, the Asian culture shock has aleady started to fade. I’m only here until Sunday, so there’s lots to see in the next four days. And now I’m tired.

Death Valley and a Sorry Town

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Death Valley was great. We barely beat the traffic out of LA and drove straight and smooth for hours. We ate dinner at a KFC in the desert. The cashier was a cute thin blond with crooked teeth. She didn’t eat meat and we laughed at her job together. In the corner was a party of six in their late sixty’s, grey haired, overweight, toothless and so happy to be there. Against the windows was fat man, a really fat man, so fat he hung off the chair on all sides, spilling over it like a ball of dough. His head hung; the energy to lift it while waiting for his multi-gallon buckets of fried chicken was too much. His mother paid and they waddled out together carrying what looked like a weeks worth of groceries. We talked about being that fat and having no teeth. We talked about how it wouldn’t happen to us. How we felt bad for him and how we didn’t.

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Sublimation in Death Valley

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Today I’ll be joining my sister’s boyfriend Johnathan and his friend Eric on a drive to Death Valley. The weather is warmer than here in LA…so I’ll finally get to wear the shorts I packed. Considering I ran out of clean clothes yesterday and there’s no laundry service in the financial district of LA, that will be refreshing. Johnathan booked us a room at this ranch/resort and Eric rented us a Hertz four door.

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Friends in the Promenade

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Chance found me in the middle of the Santa Monica Promenade today. The sidewalks bustled with shoppers, street musicians and young idealists wielding clipboards.

I wished so bad that I had my camera when I came upon these two. There was a bum holding a sign, asking for money. He was dirty, but not the dirtiest. I don’t remember exactly what his sign said. It was some attempt at striking a sympathetic chord. Anyway, I was more interested in the irony of the scene, for next to him stood a girl, holding her own sign with the word “Greenpeace” scrolled across it.

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