Barcelona, Seville, Iran – 1 of 3

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Phil, that writer/photographer I befriended in Bangkok, needed a website to promote the new book he’s working on. I spent most of my days in Barcelona building it for him, so although I was there a week or whatever, I didn’t see that many sights. However this didn’t bother me much, which brings me to my next point.

I’m getting sick of sightseeing.

I was in and out of the Luovre, which I think is the biggest museum in the world, in less than an hour, I took the metro to the most famous cathedral in Barcelona only to sit in the park across the street and read and just today I did a full lap around one of the biggest churches in the world, went into the ticket office, looked blankly at the lady sitting in the booth then patted my stomach and lied to her saying ‘I need to eat first’ before turning around and walking back outside.

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Colorful Barcelona

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Here are a some images I shot while walking around Barcelona this week. Open markets, sidewalk entertainers and a crazy park designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

A Map For Saturday

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Brook from RI just finished travelling around the world for a year and made a documentary and a website and was nice enough to include me in the links page. Check it out!

Singing in Kolkata

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This song popped into my head the other day. It’s a cute little diddy, so I figured I’d share. These are the girls I hung out with for two days in Kolkata, India. They’re musicians and best friends and they sang everytime we got in a taxi.

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