Notes From a Van Down by the Elbe

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Half the highways were closed and I couldn’t read the detour signs, so I got lost quite a bit my first day on the road from Bochum before I landed in Quidlenburg; population 24,000. I found an outdoor café in a crooked stone square, surrounded by tall stick built buildings lasting from the middle ages. Tourists meandered. The sun was hot when you stopped moving, so I found a seat at a table under an umbrella. It was Sunday, so deathly quiet. The only sounds were the clinking of plates and some soft murmuring in German.

I ordered some tuna on toast and read on through my book; Sophie’s World. My waitress had near clear green eyes, blond hair to her ears and small paw prints tattooed on her chest. She was shy at first, but as the hours past and I went from apple juice to tea, she smiled more. There were bees distracting me while I read. I was peaceful and let them alone for awhile, then killed one and watched for a chance at the others.

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Some Germany Photos

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Have you ever left the mechanic not really understanding what you paid for? “You’re dampfring’s busted and you could use some new gummilagers.” Ummm…ok?

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