Traveling Again…

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In a few weeks time I’ll embark on a new adventure. This one will be somewhat of a different flavor. Instead of travelling by motored transport as usual, I’ll be pedaling a bicycle!

Surly Long Haul Trucker

Start Date: Early August
End Date: Unknown
Departure: Portland, Oregon
Direction: South
Destination: Unknown

For the past two weeks I’ve been daydreaming about pedaling through Central and South America. Daydreaming about travel is normal, but to daydream about the same place and specific travel idea…thats very unusual for me. So I decided to do it.

Last week I bought some camping gear and yesterday I purchased the above bike here in Portland, Oregon. It’s still in the shop getting fitted with racks, bags, fanders, clipless pedals and new brakes.

Although I haven’t stayed in a city for three full months since 2005, it still feels as if I haven’t traveled in awhile. It has been awhile since I’ve challenged myself both physically and mentally. Which means this trip comes at just the perfect time – now.

Most bike touring folk I’ve found on the web seem to have a goal to get from point A to some crazy far away point Z in a set time. I also have interests in challenging myself to achieve such goals, but when it comes to travel I’m actually much more interested in meeting new people, learning about different cultures and all those logistical and emotional experiences that come along with going into a foreign place.

It’s the journey really. Which is why I’m more excited to pedal with mild aim and short-term goals.

When I have nowhere to be and nowhere to go is when I find myself in the greatest places of all.

6 Thoughts on “Traveling Again…”

  1. Darren Alff Says:

    I’m dreaming about bicycle touring in Central and South America as well… and am now working on the logistics. Keep posting about your tour! Best of luck… and enjoy yourself while out on the road!

  2. Ben Says:

    John–sweet idea man! This should be fun hear about, can’t wait!

  3. Kevin Says:

    YES!! I am excited to read and see this trip. You are an inspiration and I am going to send this link out as much as I can.

  4. william Says:

    sounds like a pretty sweet plan. hope you got a comfortable bike seat, i usually can’t sit down on mine for a few days after doing more than 30 miles on it.

  5. Allison Says:

    Hey John! I was just checking in and am psyched to hear about your grand new adventure! Happy trails and keep on being an inspiration! And, yeah, I’m sending positive vibes to your ass…

  6. Jake Says:

    Another exciting adventure! Kudos to you for following your dreams and not allowing life’s rat race to pull you in to its abyss.

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