Romanian Bulgarian Border

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There’s no highway that crosses into Bulgaria from Romania, just badly worn secondary roads. Where we crossed are a number of small toll booths to drive past. Most have pulled blinds and emit no light. Even if you drive by slowly, peer inside the dark booth and see no signs of life, do not be mistaken, there are people inside. And if you continue to drive past, a wide-eyed head, erect shoulders and flailing hands will suddenly eject themselves from the booth window like a jack in the box. You might even be lucky enough to have one who will blow a coach’s whistle.

They all want to see your passport, to forcefully and theatrically push their thumb through each page, inspecting your previous travels, and then to again discharge their aggression in a frustrated and accentuated toss of your travel document onto the desk of their window, near enough to your waiting hand so that you might feel the air be pushed out of the way or even slightly, acutely targeted, be bumped by the thing.

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