Pictures of Prague

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Half Used Bar of Soap

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The loud banging, followed by a pop and car alarm that got me to stick my head out the van window, then hustle to put my shoes on in an outburst of heroic energy, which due to my slow realization that saving someone’s stereo was not worth the risk, ended up taking much longer than usual, and to again stick my head out the window to see a man of medium height and medium build, with black, shoulder-length curls, wearing blue jeans and a white long sleeved shirt dash past me, chest back, legs flailing, stomping to control his speed down hill as he fled from the hollering white sedan and sparkling bits of glass, past my van and around the corner at one AM the night prior, probably should have been enough of a warning.

Staying parked in the same spot for four days straight, on a street where each night I watched the same man take his entire radio out of his car, guts and all, and where half the other parked vehicles had clubs clamped to their steering wheel, probably wasn’t the best of decisions either.

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Parked in Prague

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I drove around for two hours yesterday, before finding a free parking spot in Prague. It’s on a street called Na Morani near the river and right by a metro stop on the main line that runs through the center of the city. This morning I went for a jog along the river and over the Charles Bridge, then for $1.25 I used the public showers in the metro where all the homeless people go. That price even included soap and a towel! A couple blocks away is a bookstore & café with cheap internet access. It’s a very good parking spot.

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