Pyramids of Giza

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I’d asked around.

“Are the pyramids as amazing as they seem in pictures?”

I was told I wouldn’t be disappointed and I wasn’t. Not even close.

Desiree, Mike and I spent an entire day wandering around the Pyramids of Giza, taking in their massiveness and wonder. We crawled on hands and feet inside the steep, Indiana Jones’ style tunnel into the tomb of the largest pyramid. Having run ahead, winded, I came alone into a small dark room.

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Sound of Islam

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Two weeks in Egypt passed in a heartbeat. My friend Mike had joined me partway through. We stayed with Desiree and her American friend Sara at their new apartment on the cusp of downtown Cairo. It was an old, dusty place, with oversized rooms that came halfway to life after much sweeping and scrubbing. We woke early to sounds of car horns and street peddlers climbing through our grand, but thin 4th floor windows. We cooked big feasts for ourselves and for local Egyptian friends of Sara. The shower head was fat and hung straight over a ceramic bath tub. The water fluctuated between scolding, frigid and at times turned from a plentiful flow to popping gasps of air and a drip.

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