Athena to Venezia

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After two days in Athens getting settled back into the van and touring the Acropolis again, Mike and I began our road trip to Amsterdam. From there we will fly home in time for the holidays; Christmas, New Years and my 28th birthday! :-O

We’re only half way as of now. It has been a fast paced tour. In five days we drove from Athens to Venice, with stops in Albania, Serbia & Montenegro and Croatia.

Albania is a poor country, but one that looks to be making fast progress. Driving through the countryside we spotted only a handful of females. Islamic conservatism is supposedly on the rise there, so we figured all the ladies were probably hiding indoors. Then we came to the capital city of Tirana and found that’s where they all were. We spent two days gazing at the fashionable girls with platinum black hair and don’t-you-dare-ask-me-for-directions LA attitude.

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The Acropolis

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I’d heard the name before, but I didn’t really know what the Acropolis was until reading “Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy”; a phenomenal introduction to the subject and one of my favorite books this year. If you are interested in Philosophy, then definitely pick up a copy.

Acropolis means ‘citadel’ or ‘city on the hill’. People have lived in the Acropolis in Athens since the Stone Age. That’s 9000 years of history on one hill!

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Taxi Driver from Anywhere

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Late at night, awaiting the last arriving ferry, yellow taxi’s sit double parked on both sides of the street outside of port Piraeus near Athens, Greece. It’s a huge collection of idling Mercedes Benz’s and during the winter months there are about twice as many of them as there are passengers getting off the ship.

Outside the gate, Desiree and I are sized up and lightly harassed by the most desperate of drivers who have left their post by the sides of the humming, yellow cars. They have come here to the gate, where they are surest to make a catch.

Calmly and thinking back to those much more aggressive fellows back east, I report to the three men who surround us that we will be taking the bus. We maintain our cadence to further express this position.

One man falls back, but two others keep on. They ask where we’re going. I tell them, but they are expecting the usual and so try desperately to decipher a hotel name from of the words “Volkswagen” and “parked”.

“No thanks, we’re taking the bus,” I reiterate.

“Buses are no more. Too late!” blurts one of the men.

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