The Paprika Parade

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Video footage from the October 23, 2006 protest in Budapest, Hungary. Shot and edited by my new friend William, an independent animator from NYC who is currently residing in Budapest.

More Budapest Pictures

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Szechenyi Furdo Baths

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Protest in Budapest

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One AM in Budapest

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It’s one AM in Budapest. I’m stealing internet from a closed cafe and working in the van. Today I was a real tourist. Went sightseeing, bought post cards and all that.

I read in a Budapest City Guide, printed by the city of Budapest, that parking in Budapest is free on the weekends and I took that to mean any public parking spots, even the ones near the tourist attractions, which evidently was not the case because i got a parking ticket at the Citadel today. 9000 Forints is about 40 bucks. I wonder if they’ll find me if i don’t pay? I still owe the ferry company in Venice 60 bucks for riding without a ticket back in 2001. I’m such a rebel.

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