The Paprika Parade

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Video footage from the October 23, 2006 protest in Budapest, Hungary. Shot and edited by my new friend William, an independent animator from NYC who is currently residing in Budapest.


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I spent one week flying at Dune da Pyla, France and made ten high altutide flights in the Swiss Alps. Watch how the gliders rise right off the beach from the strong and steady sea winds. It felt so amazing taking off there, just being lifted off the sand and into the sky. Look how close I come to the fence when taking off in the Alps. I knew I’d make it. :o)

Singing in Kolkata

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This song popped into my head the other day. It’s a cute little diddy, so I figured I’d share. These are the girls I hung out with for two days in Kolkata, India. They’re musicians and best friends and they sang everytime we got in a taxi.

Marwar Song

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In the recording of this song it’s easy to get distracted by the mysterious Marwar language and loss of rhythm or tone, but being there I didn’t notice.

The moon was full and gave more light than the small crackling fire. The sand was warm and endless and a steady breeze blew on my back. We sat in a circle with the guides grouped closely together. Their drums were empty water bottles and cooking oil jugs. They were four including my friend Kamal and the twelve year old Mr. Win.

Even through the off beat drumming and vocals, if you listen, I think you can hear their love for the desert. It shone from them like the moon and the fire that night.

Listen Now! | 4min 44sec, 5.6megs

Snippets from Siem Reap

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I’’ve had these clips sitting on my computer for awhile, waiting for me to add voice-overs. I’m accepting the fact that video takes too much time to make it as good as I’d like, so I promise I’m going to start uploading more footage. I have got hours and hours. It’ll be mostly straight stuff, with little information, so if you have any questions, ask me or my friend.

These clips are from Siem Reap, Cambodia. It starts with a buffet dinner Stacey and I went to, where there was some Cambodian dancing. Then some footage Stacey took of us doing a little bit of walking in Angkor Wat, where we pass some street musicians and little kids trying to sell us stuff.

A Bit of Bangkok

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Here’s a very short clip of a Tuk-Tuk ride in Bangkok and some afternoon footage of Kho San Rd, which is much more interesting at night, but my camera doesn’t work so well in the dark. I’m going to try to upload video more often, but with shorter clips. I’ve still got over twenty gigs sitting on my computer from every country I’ve been in. No commentary on this one.

Incessant Honking

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Everyone in Southeast Asia beeps their horn often. Since lines in the road are merely suggestions, it’s used as a means to warn people you’re coming. One driver we had in Cambodia was a little overboard. This mp3 is a sample from a stretch of open road. He’d honk as we passed traffic in either direction, people on bikes, people walking, people working in the fields, dogs, birds, side streets, holes in the ground, change in pavement and sometimes it seemed only because it’d been quiet for too long. After you listen to this clip, imagine multiplying its length times 600. That’s how many times you’d have to listen to experience the full five hours.

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Night Markets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Check out how the sreet hawkers clap to get your attention and then talk you right in for a sale. There’s tons of wild foods to smell and consider trying another day and heaps of rip off designer clothes, bags, watches, shoes and everything else one might not need but want. For me the most exciting part is how the river of Malaysians and bug-eyed westerners flows through it all.

Weekend In Death Valley

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Highlights from a weekend I spent in Death Valley National Park with my sister’s boyfriend Johnathan and his friend Eric Wu. We hiked about 6 miles in the canyons, had lunch at the lowest point in the western hemisphere watched the sun set over sand dunes and rise over mountains.

Sundance Video

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4min 56sec, 18.1megs

A very amateur compilation of my very amateur footage take during my week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Many thanks to my good friend Dominic and his pal Marciano Agabon for a sweet place to stay and access to all the shows, films and parties. Thanks also to all the very cool and interesting people I met who made the week so awesome and memorable.

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