Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #10

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Go to college.

“Will you ever use your degree?” I get asked that a lot when I tell people I have a BS in Physics. Investing in real estate and starting businesses doesn’t exactly necessitate an understanding of advanced calculus or quantum theory. Actually, it has no direct benefit.

College is not about the direct things.

For me it had nothing to do with getting a degree. Come to think of it, I don’t even know where my degree is. I put it in a box somewhere shortly after receiving it in the mail. Getting the degree was important to me, but having it wasn’t. Physics was interesting to me, but I had no plans of working in research or going to grad school.

College is about the indirect things.

For me it had everything to do with all the challenges I faced, all the skills I gained, all the stresses and failures I learned to deal with. It was about learning to bullshit my way to an A, learning how to speak to crowds of people, learning how to fit 100 hours of work into 75 hours of time. Physics taught me ways, and made me determined, to solve problems. Lots of problems. Hard problems. And not just physical problems. All kinds of problems.

The list is endless, which makes going to college worth so much. I know a lot of people who feel they wasted time going to college. Maybe it’s true, but I say it’s their fault. Struggling through college, with eyes fixed on a degree, will assure that everything of value passes by in the periphery.

In fact, without a wide view and a glass half full, anything that takes effort is a waste.

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