Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #12

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Buy a house.

I’ve bought a bunch of different houses in the past couple of years, but buying the first one was the most memorable. I’m not really sure why, but there’s something rewarding about owning a piece of property. It’s probably the fact that I was raised in America, where land ownership is held in high regard. There’s just something awesome about having your own tiny slice of the planet.

On the flip side, it was awakening to learn that my freedom to do what I wanted with my property, was very limited. Have you ever noticed, maybe when flying in an airplane, that all the places people live in are generally the same shape? That all these places are generally evenly spaced apart from each other? Have you ever noticed that, say, fences in peoples yards are all about the same height? That houses are different, but moreso the same? Yea? Well, that’s because there are about a million laws deciding what we can and can’t do on property, which we suppposedly own.

By buying a house, I learned that ownership didn’t mean I was in charge, it just meant I spent less money. Yet still, if I didn’t pay my taxes, I’d find out who really owned my property. And if I didn’t follow the laws, I’d find out who really owned my property. The government. No, even better, the Dollar.

The dollar owns our property, just like it owns us. It’s not new news that our freedom only goes as far as our bank account can stretch us. If you don’t plan on escaping the grips of the machine anytime soon, then buying a house is still, hands down, a good move. Just don’t plan on digging a mote around your house or lighting a bonfire in your backyard without a hell of a hassel from your friendly city government.

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