Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #14

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Eat pasta and pizza in Italy.

I was only in Naples for a day, but when I was there I had my first authentic Italian pizza at this place called Pizzeria De Michelle. Surprisingly, yet refreshingly, the place with arguably the best pizza in Italy, was an ill maintained and dimly lit diner type eatery. They had two options for pizza. With sauce and without. No authentic Italian pizza has cheese on it. They served me an entire pie to be eaten with a fork and knife. The crust was thin, so I fit the whole thing in my stomach pretty easily. It’s not even fair to compare this pizza to the slop of sauce, cheese and bread we eat in the states. The freshness and flavor was immense. It really made any pizza I’ve had in the states seem like junk food in comparison.

The day I arrived in Florence, I found a small restaurant called Mario’s. Mario sat me at a small table with an older man already eating at it. Sharing tables with strangers is customary in Italy. I ordered the lunch special and Mario promptly returned with a glass of water, a small piece of fresh bread and four ravioli’s. Every meal but dinner, is a light one in Italy. The ravioli’s were filled with cheese and spinach. I’ve had fresh pasta before, but they must have cut the vegetables that day and made this dish on the way to my table. Better than any pasta, pizza or food I’d ever had. I can still see, smell and taste it. Mmmmmm.

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