Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #17

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Jog across the Golden Gate Bridge.

First of all, the Golden Gate is the freaking hugest bridge I’ve ever seen. It’s massive. The walkway is wide enough for the hundreds of people that walk, run and bike across it everyday.

Since it was so high above the water, jogging across this bridge gave me a weightless feeling. On top of that, I was moved by the massiveness of the steal and concrete. It was like the ability and perserverance of humans to create such a thing was pushing me to run faster.

I could have just as easily walked across the bridge, but for some reason I like to go for a run when I find myself in famous locations. I think maybe it helps me feel like a local.

No doubt, not having a camera or an ear to the tourist’s chatter, gave me a unique memory of one of the man made wonders of the world.

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