Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #21

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Visit a Nuclear Missile Silo

I always talk about comprehending the massiveness of things. I can’t explain to you how massive a nuclear missile is. It’s truly overpowering. You know, it must not be only the physical size that gives me that overwhelming feeling. It’s probably the fact that this giant weapon, the size of a Manhattan high rise, exists entirely for the destruction of life.

Peering through the glass, down the barrel of humanity’s most powerful gun, I saw images of cities disintegrating in a flash of light. I thought about how much time and money is spent on developing ways to take life. I thought about the irony in how much time and money is also spent on developing ways to save life. We do everything in our power to stretch the human life expectancy as long as we can…while at the same time we strive and strive to create ways to kill more people, quicker, faster, cheaper, cleaner.

What exactly are we trying to accomplish?

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