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See a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico

In case you don’t already know…Roswell, NM is where the proported alien spacecraft crash landed in 1947. The UFO Museum and Research Center provides surprisingly convincing evidence that something other worldy landed on American soil have a century ago. More importantly the town is a sight to see. The whole place thrives on tourism from alien enthusiasts and curious travelers on their way through New Mexico’s deserted landscape. The street lights all have alien eyes on them. The restaurants serve things like”alien eggs” and the “extra terrestrial sandwich”. It’s pretty funny.

The part that made the aura of the town more interesting for Mike and I during our two days there, was what we saw on our way into the city. We had been driving all day over mountains and through deserts. The night was pitch black, for there was no moon. But it was filled with billions and billions of stars. So it’s about 11pm and we’re still driving, hoping to see the city soon. As we get closer to Roswell we start conversation about the aliens and UFO’s. Do you think they exist? Do you think they’ve been here? Would our government cover it up…blah blah.

In the middle of this conversation, we come over a hill and the city of Roswell finally comes into view. I swear to you, the moment the city came into view, Mike and I looked towards the sky and saw the biggest flash of light we’ve ever seen in a night sky. It streaked at thousands of miles per hour across the horizon and then disappeared. I’ve seen shooting stars before and this was much, much closer. Granted, it was likely some large particle from space burning up in the atmosphere, but since I don’t know for sure, it remains and unidentified object that was flying like hell over Roswell, NM. So that’s my UFO.

Between my UFO experience and the evidence presented in the museum, I’m convinced there’s something out there.

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  1. Suzy Says:

    Wait a second! I visited Roswell in 2004, I went to the museum and then went to the Alamogordo Aircraft Museum, if you read through everything … the real answer to what came down from space is hidden..but you’ll find it. Its definitely not what they’re claiming.

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