Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #25

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Get pierced.

I was jogging my normal path down Ocean Road in Narragansett, breathing in the warm salty air that somehow lubricates my mind, making it easier to sort things out. Graduation had been a few weeks prior and I was reflecting on how much I had changed during college. I started out wearing enormous worn jeans and oversized band t-shirts. I had bleached hair and a face full of metal then. By graduation I dressed a bit more “normal”, as my dad would often call it. The clothes fit, my hair was back to brown and some of the metal had come out.

Still jogging, I thought about why I had decided to pierce my tongue, eyebrow , ears four times and both nipples. The simple reason I suppose, was I liked the look. Just as one might like like a green hat or a pair of red shoes. The people I hung around with had piercings, so that’s what I found attractive. However there was also an attraction to the attention metal in my face caused. Of course it was more often bad then good, but I think I still liked it. Even today, I find it interesting and entertaining to observe people’s reactions to a disturbance in normalcy.

As I ran forward and watched the ocean, I touched the metal and plastic pieces in my body. They had been attached for so long, that sometimes I needed reminding they weren’t a part of me. By that time I was down to a ring in each nipple and holes in my ears, which were wide enough to easily pass my pen through during a boring lecture.

I thought about how my appearance had moved in a more conservative direction. My interest in playing with prejudice minds was becoming less important than being prejudged. And now it was time to head out into the real world and be prejudged more than I?d ever been prejudged before. I knew if I took my piercings out and put them in a drawer, with a swing of mood I?d probably put them back in. I also knew that during a run was a time when I had the clearest thoughts. So still running, one by one, slowly and over-theatrically, I took out each piercing and tossed it to the side of the road.

From having piercings and from taking them out on my own accord, I learned a lot about playing along with societies stereotypes for personal gain. I don?t like the way superficial perceptions and traditionalism play a role in the way people are judged, but it?s a fact of this world. I learned to put everything on a scale. I never liked dressing up and I still don?t, but if what I may gain by wearing the costume is more important to me than the discomfort or distaste it may bring, I do it.

There are still times I do things, wear things, say things that aren?t commonly accepted. And who knows, if there comes a time I?m not concerned with being prejudged, I may end up getting pierced again. I still find the style attractive and interesting. Until then I?ll play the dress up game just like everyone else.

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  1. Suzy Says:

    Tell me about it, the worst part is when you live in a rural area where people arent exposed to much and kinda live within their conservative box…your totally out of your element and they dont want to open up to the newcomer because the newcomer doesnt fit inside the box.

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