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Buy a BMW.

If three years ago someone had told me one day I?d buy a BMW, I would have told them they were going to burn in hell for lying to me. I?d never waste my money on something so unnecessary, never mind pretentious.

Now, if I don?t get to drive my yuppie car for a day, I miss it like family.

I was never into cars. I mean, I drove them, but I was never a car-guy. A few years ago, I hardly knew a Ford from a Honda, never mind a Lexus from a BMW. I?m still not a car guy I suppose. I don?t know names and models of all sorts of cars. But I will say that now I’m a my-car-guy.

About a year into real estate, my 1996 Ford Explorer had just under ? million miles on it and I could finally afford a replacement. I was with my father, a trusty and experienced new car shopping advisor, and we were on our way to test drive the new Jettas. On the way there, my dad suggested we that just for fun, we take a BMW for a spin. That was my first time getting into a luxury or performance car, well consciously anyway.

Unless you’re like me in that you drive with two hands grasped firmly on the wheel, you probably wouldn’t relate to the exhilaration I felt test driving a BMW. Either my convictions against owning such a heap of bling were weaker than I thought, or this thing was way more fun than I could have imagined, because after two hours at the dealership, never making it to test drive anything else and daydreaming for a week, I went back and bought what was to be an addiction to my senses and a symbol of my difficulty with images for the year to come.

I?ve written many times about images. The BMW became my suit and tie in real estate. It didn?t matter as much when I showed up for appointments wearing shorts and sneakers, because I was driving a yuppie car. Oh, he?s not dressed up, but he?s driving an expensive car?he must be successful. Yes, people do think that way. Trust me. I pay very close attention to people?s reactions to the images I portray.

I truly am addicted to the stupid thing. I love driving it. Love it. It?s like cocaine for me. And just like cocaine, although it?s an awesome ride, it has some undesirable side effects.

There are more times I feel sick to my stomach because someone assumes, that since I drive a BMW, I am a pompous asshole, then there are times I impress and succeed in gaining a prospective client because I drive an expensive car.

Just this week, I was seated out on the sidewalk at everyone?s favorite punk rock restaurant; Julian?s. While eating and talking about real estate with my friend Mark, I was watching a cute couple with a very fine tuned punk-image pretend to not be listening to us. It was pretty obvious they found humor in such businessy talk at this place. Coincidently, both our tables got up to leave at the same time. We were crossing the street together and when I went to get in my car, I glanced over and caught them pointing at me as they burst into laughter.

That bothered me. I thought “Why do I drive such a car, if it causes people I socialize with to make negative assumptions about me?” And then…it bothered me that it bothered me. These two were focused on portraying their punk-image, because they wanted people to be sure to understand that they were not who they were assuming me to be. In fact, they were more focused on their image, than I was on mine! I may have spent more money, but with their delicately spiked hair and accurately picked outfits, they spent much more time than I. And as far as I know, there’s a lot more money than time in this world.

I have realized that everyone stereotypes and everyone portrays some type of image for personal gain, whether it be financial, social or something else.

Most importantly, owning a BMW is a great reminder that I can?t please everyone. I can only please myself. So that?s what I?m doing and I love it.

Let me know if you want to go for a ride. I?ll pick you up.

3 Thoughts on “Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #28”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    well put, my friend, well put. and we’ve done the same things ourselves. looked at the yuppie car, made a comment to friends, but f-it. growing up is growing up and that car is sa-weet.mattyL

  2. Tony Tarara Says:

    Long time no see. I was talking to Burke about Dale Carnegie and you came up. I’m glad you are living life to its fullest potential. f you have a chance, visit Sicily. That is where my family is from. You’ll find that the food and sights are to die for, and it is very economical.


  3. anne marie morgan Says:

    hellooooo John! umm well i hope your having fun and i miss you and your website is pretty sweet. see you laterrr

    –Annie =]

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