Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #3

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Perform for 1000 people.

When I was in college, the band I was in opened for two of my favorite bands at the time; Hot Rod Circuit and Saves the Day. We had a special room reserved for us backstage, stocked with food and drinks. The other bands had rooms too and we chatted with them and hung out during soundcheck. We had a small following, but most of the sold-out crowd had never heard of us. It didn’t matter. When the lights went dim and it was time to come out on the stage, it felt like they were there for us. When we walked out from behind the curtain, everyone started screaming. The stage lights were blinding. All we could see were faces and lights. We rocked out and everyone rocked out with us. When I add a little imagination to the experience, I can almost taste what it would be like to be a rockstar. Oh man, it tastes so good.

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  1. Pauly T. Says:

    Good Times.. I’ll never forget that feeling! What an amazing day we got to share!

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