Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #4

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Suck at sports.

A couple weeks ago, when invited to play volleyball, my response was “anything with balls, I suck”. Obviously I regret saying that for reasons not related to my intentions. However, my point is true….any sport which has a ball in it, I’m pretty bad at. Of course I played baseball when I was younger. I struk out last and kicked dandelions in the outfield. I played youth basketball for years. I even went to basketball camp a couple times. It didn’t matter though, because I was the 11th player on the team every year. The first five would start, the second five would finish, and sometimes I would play when we had a 20 point lead and my father fought with the coach. Soccer…quit after the first game. Tennis…sucked. Bowling….still suck.

I’m not really sure if it’s my impatience or my disinterest that makes me so bad at any athletic competition using a speherical object. Never tried football. I think a sport with a squished ball, I’d suck at even more.

The reason one of the best things I’ve ever done is suck at sports, is because it led me to do different things. I excelled in the martial arts and found tons of other interests in the years I could have been shooting for trophies. I’ll even bet that in some way, sucking at sports has played a role in my overall desire to constantly take the path less travelled.

If you suck at something normal, do something different.

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