Top 100 Things I’ve Done – #5

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Stop watching TV.

Not sure if it’s true, but the other day a friend told me the average person watches 2 months of TV per year. That’s 15% of their damn life. What the hell?

People don’t believe me when I say I don’t watch TV. Sometimes they’ll say, “neither do I really…except for this show and that show and the news.” But I mean it….I don’t watch TV. I stopped in 1999. Nor do I listen to the radio for that matter. If I didn’t use the internet, I probably would have missed Septmber 11th.

There are a few reasons I stopped, but mostly it’s the mainstream media that did it to me. The monotony is well disguised, but once I felt like I could see it, I couldn’t stand to watch anymore. There are some shows which I can enjoy, but when the commercial breaks come on, I’m so turned off I can’t take it.

I’m also sucked into the crappy reality shows like everyone else. If it’s on when I walk by, I’ll catch myself staring at the screen ignoring people around me. It’s true hypnosis and it makes my stomach turn. It’s like carbs, like sugar, like caffine, like crack. Once you start, you can’t get enough. Once you stop…for long enough…you don’t need it anymore, you d’nt even want it anymore.

The movie Bowling for Columbine summed up lots of my gripes with television. Fear. Consumption. Money. Power. Greed. More. There’s lots to my reasoning. If you’re interested I’ll tell you. There’s no doubt, killing my television is one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done.

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  1. Gert Says:

    Yeah man I don’t watch tv either. I used to all the time, just don’t anymore. I don’t really miss it. Of course I think I replaced it with the internet.

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