Top 100 Things I’ve Done

Top 100 Things I've Done Add comments

My friend Cal told me he was going to list the top 100 things he’s done and the top 100 things he wants to do. I am such a huge fan of experiencing things, so I was totatlly into his idea. Tonight I was trying to decide how to motivate myself to actually write the list. I figured a good way would be by making posts everytime I think of one.

I’m going to start with the Top 100 Things I’ve Done. These will be the things that have been burned into my memory, probably because I’ve relived them inside my head over and over again. Some of these things have impacted how I think about the world or about life and some of them were just super fun or exciting. No matter what the reason, I reccommend everyone doing these things before they leave this place. So between now and whenever I finish, here they are, in no particular order….

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