Incessant Honking

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Everyone in Southeast Asia beeps their horn often. Since lines in the road are merely suggestions, it’s used as a means to warn people you’re coming. One driver we had in Cambodia was a little overboard. This mp3 is a sample from a stretch of open road. He’d honk as we passed traffic in either direction, people on bikes, people walking, people working in the fields, dogs, birds, side streets, holes in the ground, change in pavement and sometimes it seemed only because it’d been quiet for too long. After you listen to this clip, imagine multiplying its length times 600. That’s how many times you’d have to listen to experience the full five hours.

Listen Now! | 29 sec, 464KB

One Thought on “Incessant Honking”

  1. michelle babbitt Says:

    how soothing. it almost sounds like ocean waves. hahaha….

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