A Short Stop in Paris: Part 4 of 4

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Under the cushioned bench seat of that folds into my bed every night, is a box where things I don’t use very often are stored. I sorted through a pile of handy hardware type items that were in the van when I bought it and found the spool of blue twine I was looking for.

It wasn’t long before I had driver B’s bumper secured and the slack cut with the new Swiss-Army knife I had received as a gift from one of the hospitable couples I met in Switzerland, Barbara and Randy. Driver B shook my hand and thanked me enthusiastically.

“Maitenant on va a boir quelque chose dans ce restaurant la?” he said

Desiree, laughing and smiling, looked over at me.

“What’s that mean?” I asked her.

“He wants us to join them for drinks.”


Leaving the station wagon there, still leaking, but looking a bit less sad with the fender now held in place by a loop of sky blue twine disappearing neatly under the hood, the four of us walked to a vacant table at on the sidewalk. We sat for awhile amongst empty wine glasses and coffee cups of the previous customers. I eyed a tiny cookie left seemingly untouched on a saucer, until when no one was looking, with a quick swipe I brought it from the plate to my mouth.

After some time driver B beckoned the waiter who came quick and started right in with conversation. The man was obviously a regular there. We all talked about what we do and where we live. Driver B’s name was Ahmed. He is a professor of body building with a home in both Egypt and France. Upon hearing this Desiree and I both looked at Ahmed’s arms. They were indeed massive, but I hadn’t noticed before. Probably because his smiling face and personality had captivated my attention, I thought. The passenger’s name was M’barek and he is a lawyer in Morocco, visiting his friend Ahmed in Paris on holiday. Both men insisted on us visiting their homes in North Africa. We agreed that we would make it that way in time and thanked them for the unexpected offer.

Ahmed paid for our drinks and went on some about his nice home in Egypt and how if we come, which he hopes that we do, we have a very nice and free place to stay.

Thanking the men profusely for driving their car into me, destroying their front end, buying us drinks and offering us their homes in Africa, we rose to depart. Ahmed then picked up his phone and motioning it towards us, started to dial.

“Je peux resever une chambre pour vous ici a Paris?!”

“He’s offering to reserve us a room at his hotel tonight” said Desiree.

“It’s not necessary, we are just passing through, but thank you!” I said smiling, with a slight forward lean trying to show my appreciation. They seemed to understand and bid us farewell.

With a car accident and some new friends behind us, we continued on our way from Bordeaux to Brussels. It was worth stopping in Paris that day.

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  1. ut Says:

    Bordeaux has some of the best wine in the World.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Sheds a whole new light on the French! 🙂 Great story!

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