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Most Germans don’t graduate university until their mid to late twenties. I was surprised to learn this at first, but it made some sense of how I’ve always met so many Germans while traveling. They are encouraged to do other things besides study. Guys have to spend a year doing military or social service. Girls don’t have to do anything like that. I wonder if there exists any German men-groups claiming sexism.

Today I learned another reason Germans take longer with their studies. University is free. That’s right; they don’t pay a nickel for tuition. Actually they pay about $100 to get their student ID card, but that gets them so many discounts, including FREE public transportation, that it’s a savings more than an expense.

And listen to this; Germans don’t even have to go to class to be considered a student! They just need to be “registered” and carry the card. They can also get better jobs as a “student” because employers don’t have to pay taxes on their wages.

All this is changing though. Someone besides me must have seen how little sense the system made, because some new laws were recently drafted.

The real students who actually study are up in arms about the $600 tuition starting next year.

$600!!! :-O

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  1. Lisa Falso Says:

    so they really don’t graduate till late twenties!? Maybe I’m really German deep down….

  2. Cheryl Says:

    $600….What a bargain!

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