Autumn in Bochum

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Today we went for a walk in the forest, a few square miles of well spaced oaks and maples on the edge of Bochum.

Massive grey trunks, hundreds of years old, reach strong from a clean, soft brown earth. In the lush cover far above, there is a constant swirl from the autumn winds that came earlier this week. The large open space between all the trees gives this place such an open feeling. It’s easy to breath here.

I wear a few layers to keep warm in the new, light air. Except for when raising my sleeve to wipe small drips from my nose, my hands stay wrapped to fists in my pockets. Giant gusts come, moving my hair and filling my coat. A welcome break, my feet enjoy the padded ground while we climb one small hill after another.

A young bloodhound comes bouncing towards us, ahead of her owner, her giant ears swinging and slapping the sides of her little head. She leaps towards our waists, stretching her legs out and begging for love. I run my hand down her velvety coat, feeling her growing ribs and the energy inside her. It reminds me of autumns when I was young, running with my own dog in the cold air until our chests ached and our noses ran and then we would walk the rest of the way home.

Smells from damp acorns and pinecones and the faint scent of baked foods or burnt wood that’s been carried for miles in the long winds of fall remind me even more of the autumns growing up.

From a brisk climb over hill after hill, my body warms under the heavy layers, but the cold air still bites my face. These contrasting discomforts allow me to focus on one and then the other, making for a most pleasant and active sensation of change.

The cold winds of autumn blow through the trees and change the colors of leaves in Bochum, Germany the same way they do at home. People go for long walks here and enjoy the coming of winter here the same way they do at home. It’s been great following the warm weather all year, but no matter how much I dread the dead-cold and grey days of winter, I’m much too attached to the changing of seasons to leave them forever.

Walking in the forest today reminded me of home.

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  1. UT Says:

    Nice job with the descriptions. Same great weather here but doesn’t make your nose run . . . yet.
    Does Hemingway use 1 sentence paragraphs?

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