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Kolkata is amazing. Amazing! The yellow taxi’s are straight out of a Dick Tracey film. There’s dust, smoke and noise everywhere. The poverty is atrocious. Strangers smile back. Traffic is as wild as in Asia.

I quickly made friends with three other backpackers on my flight; two girls from sweeden and a guy from germany who’s been travelling for two years. Having arrived late at night, most places we went to were full. We’d knock on the metal doors, someone would come and poke their head through an opening, shake their head and say “FULL!!”. This could have been bad, but I enjoyed it and ended up finding a bed for $1.60 per night at place called Hotel Maria.

No AC, but the room here has windows open to the noisy street and high ceilings, with long hanging fast spinning fans. There’s clothes-lines criss-crossing the room, twelve metal frame cots with cardboard stiff one-inch mattreses and two toilets with a bucket of water next to them. When I arrived last night, all I could make out were shapes in the beds and the room felt like a homeless shelter for locals. Being on Singapore clock still, I only slept about four hours. This morning I woke to the sound of Hindu song echoing through ths streets and sunrise and I found the beds to actually be filled with other dirty backpackers. It still feels like a homeless shelter though!

The living conditions here are horrendous compared to anywhere I’ve stayed before, but for some reason I haven’t figured out yet; I love it!

I’ll probably be in Kolkata a couple more nights, then I’m either heading south to a Bengal tiger reserve or north to go hiking in the Himalaya’s.

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  1. Uncle Tim Says:

    Some of the best squash players in the World are from India. Try to check it out. I also have a friend, Deepak Saluja who is from India. I called him to let him know you were there and asked him to provide some contacts (possibly family)and places.

  2. Maria G Says:

    Oh good! You found the Maria. You must be staying in the deluxe suite. The standard rooms only come with the cots – no matresses.

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