Snippets from Siem Reap

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I’’ve had these clips sitting on my computer for awhile, waiting for me to add voice-overs. I’m accepting the fact that video takes too much time to make it as good as I’d like, so I promise I’m going to start uploading more footage. I have got hours and hours. It’ll be mostly straight stuff, with little information, so if you have any questions, ask me or my friend.

These clips are from Siem Reap, Cambodia. It starts with a buffet dinner Stacey and I went to, where there was some Cambodian dancing. Then some footage Stacey took of us doing a little bit of walking in Angkor Wat, where we pass some street musicians and little kids trying to sell us stuff.

2 Thoughts on “Snippets from Siem Reap”

  1. michelle babbitt Says:

    i was awake too late tonight and had nausea in my belly. i watched this video and the music felt so real and tasty and the footage was full of meaning as it was without words and somehow the feeling and sounds soothed my belly. beautifully done. you have some bewildering quality in you to allow the magic in these places around you glow even when everything is not glowing, or maybe not even nice. pleasure and pain, pleasure and pain, but in reality maybe it’s all fair trade… everywhere.

  2. UT Says:

    Couldn’t tolerate the Marwar Song! Wow that was annoying. Clicked it off after 1 minute.
    Siem Reap snippets are cool. Are kids aggressively approaching you like that wherever you go?
    I love the Prov. shirt. You look like Ben Stiller in Something About Mary.

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