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Moving fast has its long list of drawbacks. I always enjoy a place most when I can slow to the pace of life there, meet locals and get a feel for the culture. However, I am finding it can also be exhilarating to move quickly.

On Sunday morning, I woke up in Venice and ate breakfast sitting on the stone walkway along the Grand Canal. Then Mike and drove Northwest. The sky was blue and made for a clear cut, jagged horizon at the peaks of snow covered Alps. By afternoon, we were crossing the Italian Alps, watching the snow get closer and by sundown, crossing into Switzerland, the weather had gone from mild in Venice, to the dead of winter. The road was covered in patches snow and mountains we rode through already preparing for avalanches. I’d never seen so much snow in my life. Entire mountains, over 10,000 feet high, were completely blanketed so that not a single rock or tree was visible. All the white made size and distance difficult to estimate.

After winding at a slow pace along icy mountain roads, we came to a small town at a high altitude called Leukerbad. There we found Badburger, an outdoor thermal spa with ten pools. Under a black, cold, cloud-filled sky we soaked in our own hot steaming pools, staring at snow covered trees through the steam. After two hours, with nothing left for us in that town, we drove north again. By midnight we were driving around Zurich, admiring the beautiful city’s reflection on its wide river and lake.

From America places like Venice, the Alps and Zurich have such their own individual stigma, that it’s hard to think all can be enjoyed in a single day. I would have thought it impossible myself, yet nevertheless, it can be done.

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  1. UT Says:

    I’m only 39!

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