Someone Knew

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The slightly older, but strong and able looking man in front of me was struggling a bit to get his suitcase into the train car. He kept looking back at me as I followed him. It was not a can you help me sort of look, more of an are you really going this way too look. Maybe this was a first class car, I guessed. Maybe he was wondering why a scrub of a man was following him into first class. Curious with what his looks might turn into, I kept following him.

When we got into the cabin, it was obvious I’d guessed right. The place was completely empty except for him, his wife and me. I went to take a seat.

“Eerste klasse,” he said, inspecting me head to toe.

“Huh?” I replied helplessly.

“Eerste klasse,” he said again, now waving his finger as if he were stirring soup in the air.

“Oh, first class?” I said with a tone that spoke, ‘Silly me, I wouldn’t know first class if I tripped and landed in it!’

“Ja” he replied with a simple nod.

“Wow. Expensive huh?” I asked while rubbing my thumb against my index and middle finger and looking around in a faux awe of what royal train travel was like.

“So where do I go?” I go on innocently.

“Second class. That way,” he said pointing and comfortable.

Shuffling out the door with an intentional clumsiness and look of tire, I left the man and his wife to enjoy their status alone.

At least someone knew he was riding first class.

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