I Left My Shoes In Bangkok

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My bag’s still too heavy. The train ride and walk from Singapore airport to my hostel proved that. I’ve been shedding things here and there, but it hasn’t been easy to decide what to give up. The hiking boots I haven’t used yet are heavy, but they’re brand new and my busted ankle won’t support me off road without them. Although a bulk of the weight, there’s no way I’m giving up any of my electronics yet. So when heading out of my guestroom for the taxi yesterday, I opted to leave my shoes sticking heels up out of the trash can. I’d been wearing my flip flops for a week plus the puma’s were pretty beat up, so I figured it was a good move.

After arriving last night, I met with some friends of Phil (who I met in Bangkok) at a bar downtown. We talked about economics, the rules of rugby and “expat” life in Singapore. Then off to Clarke Quay where they could take me to their favorite late night club. The bouncer had the biggest diamond earing I’ve ever seen; super-bling that swung like a star on a string as he shook his head at my flip flops.

Too bad I left my shoes in Bangkok.

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