Lowest Ground

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At The Inn-Crowd Hostel, the row of five new shower stalls have clean, grey tile floors that pitch slightly towards the back wall. The water from each shower runs into a gutter of sorts, which pitches to the left carrying all the runoff from each shower away. A modern reproduction of a medieval drainage system. Last night I mistakingly chose the shower at lowest ground.

As many showered at once, the single drain could not handle the dirt, sweat, hair and extra’s that flowed with the water, so we began to have a little backing up issue in my stall. Not long after that, someone did the liquid nasty. My first means of perception was olfactory. I thought sweat, I thought toilet. Then the color came. And it was dark. Even diluted in the dirty shower water of three or four; it was dark.

4 Thoughts on “Lowest Ground”

  1. kristin Says:

    someone did the nasty in the shower??? And people wonder why I would never stay in a hostel. I think you just summed it up for me.

  2. -eric- Says:

    1. How does a physics major find himself in this predicament?

    2. On a positive note: I’m sure it’s helping to clear up any signs of althlete’s foot you have; two thumbs up for natural remedies

  3. self Says:

    This post was a little confusing (mostly to my mother) for a few reasons. However, I think the situation is funny, so I’m just gonna explain, then leave it!

    1. Toilet was misspelled as tolet, easily confused as to let. (Fixed that)

    2. I made it intentionally vague for literary effect.

    But my favorite part….

    3. I mistakenly used the phrase “did the nasty” as a description for excretion, when it’s commonly used a description for sex. This being another fine example of me thinking I know what I’m talking about when I don’t!

  4. Kevin Says:

    I know that situation. I stayed in Inn crowd when I was in Singapore. That’s pretty disgusting. BTW, I recommend you to visit Pulau-Ubin. It’s a tiny island near Singapore. I was suprised by the different view there. Bus no 2 could take you to the ferry terminal where you can take speed boat there.

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