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Singapore is probably the cleanest and safest city I’ve ever visited. I felt totally comfortable walking anywhere, anytime. The people are friendly and hospitable. The water’s safe to drink. Everything works the way it’s supposed to. The economy is good. There’s not too much traffic and public transportation is cheap and efficient. One might try to say there isn’t much history or culture in Singapore, but the mix of Indian, Chinese and other Asian heritages makes for plenty to see, taste and do.

It’s an easy and interesting place to live, but I can’t say I’d trade the stars and stripes in for it.

Here are some people in Singapore doing their thing…

Singapore People 8

3 Thoughts on “Singapore Photos”

  1. UT Says:

    I don’t remember Singapore being that colorful

  2. michelle babbitt Says:

    amazing photographs, john.

  3. deb Says:

    AWESOME COLOR, WOW! I thought your Thailand photos were colorful, these are vivid!.

    Love, Mom

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