Bangkok – Day 2

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Yesterday we saw about 342 of the 8 million temples in Bangkok. The death rides on the TukTuk’s aren’t even scary anymore, however i’ve lost track of how many times scams have been attempted on us. First off we paid 650 Baht for a taxi from the airport and last night we fuond out it should of cost about 100 Baht. The TukTuk drivers try overcharging all the time…but we’ve toughened up. I jumped out the window of one after we were already in…and the guy finally lowered his price so i would get back in. It’s freaking annoying how much the tourists get harrased here. I read about it, but thought…ehh….the people have to make a living. It’s unreal though. The personal space thing and culture is so different. The drivers get right up in your face and saying NO THANK YOU even in thai, won’t get them to leave. These dudes get off their TukTuk, come talk to us and follow us, then run back to the TukTuk, drive ahead of where we’re walking, park, get offf and come talk to us again. At first we were giving in, but we quickly caught on that this is why they are so persistant. It works. It’s only been 3 days but we’ve become pretty street smart already. Oh and these drivers are also in some organized crome ring with jewelery and fashion store owners. They get you on the TukTuk and tell you they’ll take you to ALL the Temples for 40 Baht ($1), which they will…but not without stopping at the jewelery shop and suit store. The store pays for the Tuk Tuk drivers gas and in return they get a flow of confused customers to push into buying 3 Thai silk neck ties for 900 Baht, when they don’t even wear ties that often. Shit!
Oh yeah…the temples are amazing. Yesterday was a holiday here. Buddah Day. So there were lots of things going on at all the temples. People hanging out in front of the Buddah’s letting birds free, dipping flowers in water and then dripping it on their heads, lighting candles and bowing to the statues. Basically a bunch of your run-of-the-mill, wierd, religous ritualism and symbolism. I’m interested in the teachings of Buddhism though. We might take a meditation course at a temple on Saturday.
Oh there is more to tell about yesterday…but we’ve gotta get going!

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  1. Gert Says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to see some pics.

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