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It’s freakin hot here. 94 degrees, the sun is blazing and and the air is massively heavy. This is a nice medium for which Bangkok’s sweet sewage smell can use to permeate the air.
On the up side…this place is insane. People drive their cars, motorcycles and Tuk-Tuk’s (motorcycle with a backseat) so recklesly…but somehow i haven’t seen a crash yet. The 40 Baht ride around the city last night was the highlight so far. Coco, our driver , tried to get us into a ping pong show….but we wern’t gonna pay 800 Baht to see that!
The flight was long…i was ready for it to be over about 8 hours into the 17.5 hours in the air. Luckily we had person screens so i watched a couple movies and played super mario brothers. I can’t believe I remembered where all the hidden mushroms were…it’s been like 15 years!
The Thai language is tough…but we’re trying. Thai’s seem to respond well when we make an effort.
Oh the hotel we got last night was 560 Baht. That’s about US$7 each! We have our own room, a private bath and air conditioning. We’re staying there again tonight. It’s call Nana Inn and it’s on this crazy street with bars and markets that are open until 1am. It’s a HUGE backpackers spot. As soon as we walk out the building we’re bombarded with people trying to sell us stuff…young Thai guy’s trying to take us away on their Tuk-Tuk’s to see the “ladies make love show” and the Thai girls talking to us and smilng at us. One girl even grabbed my arm while i was walking down the street! Blam!
We got up at 5am this morning. Still on East Coast time. Ok…we’re off to finish out walking tour of the old city….see some temples. Tonight is the Thai Boxing match.

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  1. Gert Says:

    How many Baht was the Thai girl, jk.

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