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We’re sitting in an internet cafe at BKK International airport. There is a gaping hole about 6 inches in diamter in the center of the floor where people walk with no markings or warnings.

We started our journey home at 3pm local time…it’s just after 8pm now. That’s 5 horus of travel so far; leaving 27 hours to go before we drive our one way rental car into RI. 32 total hours of travel with sleep wherever we can get it. So far we’ve had cold Pad Thai, Dairy Queen and M&M’s. I spent more on two magazines then I did for a night in a hotel just because they were imported from the US. Eric is getting his pent up energy out by yelling SAWADEE KHRAP at all the Thai people working here. He’s even been muttering it to himself while I’m trying to get him to respond to conversation.

Eric would have posted on his site too, but while we were trying to make a whirllpool in the two foot deep kiddie pool at the hotel this morning, he somehow sliced the tip of his left middle finger off on a broken tile….so he can’t type. The blood was horrific and it was a tragic end to our trip.

The next 27 hours should be interesting….

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