Hello Sir! Shoppiiiiing! Shoppiiiiing!

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Stage 1: Listen to what the street vendors have to say to you..answer their questions and even look at their merchandise.

Stage 2: Acknowledge the vendor’s inquiries and politely say “No, thank you” repeatedlty until they get the point.

Stage 3: Politely say “No, thank you” and keep walking.

Stage 4: Just shake your head, making brief eye contact, and keep walking.

Stage5: Completely ignore the street vendor’s audible and visual existence. Act is if you don’t know they are there. Do not make eye contact or change facial exressions.

Stage 6: Continue Stage 5, but when in the mood for a laugh, use the street vendor as the axis of your humor.


  1. If they say “Watch for you“, take the watch saying “Thanks” and keep walking.
  2. If they ask you a question, simply repeat the question back to them…stare into their eyes and play the copycat game until they give up.
  3. If they ask you where you are from (typical gem scam and fashion suit scam intro), tell them New York City and ask them if they know where you can get a deal on any Gems or High Fashion Suits. When their eyes light up, pretend to follow them…then once they’re not looking book-it in the opposite direction.

Stage 7: Punch them in the face. We haven’t reached this stage…but I can’t say I’d be surprised if it happened.

One Thought on “Hello Sir! Shoppiiiiing! Shoppiiiiing!”

  1. Darren Says:

    haha. I shouldn’t laugh – these guys are just trying to make a living but you are *so* right.

    Initally I was very polite, but a few days of getting pestered constantly it didn’t take long before I just stared right through them.

    Next time I am away I might try stage 6. you’re on your own with stage 7 though – try that and I doubt you would be able to leave the area without being dragged into an alley, sliced, diced and sold on a noodle stall in small chunks :O)

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