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As you can see from Mike’s map, the drive from New Mexico to Austin was super long. It took us at least ten hours with a break in between. We slept for free in the car at a campground about 1/3 the way here. The drive was pretty uneventful. Most of western Texas is a baren wasteland.

Oh yea…we spent a few hours in the UFO Research Center and Museum while we were in Roswell. We are both definitely UFO believers now! The government cover up is some serious business. From Roswell we went to see the VLA Radio Telescopes. There’s like 100 HUGE radio telescopes that look like satelite dishes. I did a project including this place when I was in college, so it was cool to see it.

From there we went to the White Sands Missle Testing Range, which is this massive bassin filled with salt deposits where the air force tests their missles. It looks like mounds of snow. When when they aren’t shooting missles, you can drive out there and walk around. So we went and watched the sunset.

Last night we hung out in Austin. We got some shushi and then went and checked out this club Emo’s. Yea the name is cheasey, but supposedly it’s been called that for over 10 years. Coincidentaly the only local Austin band I know (Crusierweight) was playing. After the set we played some good songs on the juke box and I bought mike enough shots to turn him into PuKey McPukerton later that night. After we left Emo’s we walked into a local hip hop bar and watched some local MC’s flow until last call. Austin has an amazing music scene. They have a whole street (6th Street) filled with clubs and bars and it has a lane just for musicians to unload their gear.

Today we’re heading to San Antonio to hang out with Allison and see here town. Hopefully she’ll take us to get some good Texas barbecue and maybe to check out a dude ranch.

Tah tah for now.

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