Don’t Forget My Postcard

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“Have fun. Don’t forget my postcard. Drive safe. Buckle up. Stay awake. Pass on the left. Green means go. Full throttle. Open road. Live. Love. Learn.”

That’s the SMS I received from my friend Eric this morning. I read it aloud to Desiree as we pulled away from our temporary home in Providence. Since mid February we’d been staying in a spare room at my friend’s place. Today when we moved out of that room and into a Thrifty rental car, we were departing on a loosely planned zig zag road trip across America.

The winter in RI was cold and grey and it took a toll on my spirits. I have vowed never again to return to the northeast during winter months. However, it wasn’t all bad.

Without a car, living in RI felt like a new place. Being on foot all the time, as when traveling, I discovered new things and met great new people. I worked and worked at building up the cash to travel again, and happily, I’ve succeeded.

How, you ask? Well, some friends and I started a media firm called CHANGE. These friends are incredibly talented and connected and I’m simply lucky to work with them. I have also started doing my own web consulting and contracting. Both these business can be carried in a backpack, so as for now, I’m poised to keep living my dream.

I noticed the travel bug suffers a slow death in the comfort of routines. When you’re home and you want to stay a traveler, you have to keep the fire going. Tell some stories about the places you’ve been or the places you’ll go. Look at your photos or just close your eyes and go back there. At the very least, some quiet imagination will help.

It’s strange how memories of things I’ve done, like flying in Switzerland or of places I’ve been, like a blue city in India, start seeming more like dreams. It gets harder and harder to remember. The smells start to fade, the sounds too. The things that changed in me begin to fade as well. That tranquility that comes from being a constant visitor, though I love it and I’m so sure it’s me, somehow sneaks away and before I know it I’m beeping my horn in traffic and my thoughts hover around financial success.

Noticing this is when I know it’s time to go again. If I don’t, I’m liable to lose it. I never want to lose it.

7 Thoughts on “Don’t Forget My Postcard”

  1. -eric- Says:

    Welcome back. See you soon.

  2. DAD Says:

    Keep two hands on the wheel and let me know where you stop via cell text or email. You and Desiree be safe first and foremost and have fun
    Love you

  3. suzy Says:

    LOVE IT!
    Can hardly wait for the future entries!

  4. Lauren Says:

    Kevin told Chris and I last night that you had left again. We’re sorry we didn’t have a change to see you at all while you were in RI. Maybe next time… Have a great time, stay safe.

    -Lauren and Chris (Chilton)

  5. Ben Says:

    Glad to see you’re moving again man! Looking forward to some new adventures on here…good luck!

  6. katie Apodaca Says:

    Good to hear it, sir. Great to hear it, in fact.

  7. Rich Lang Says:

    Remember that the journey is not about the destination, but the present that surrounds you. The destination is just an ever vacillating target, and the gems, in hindsight, are often the present you miss while planning the future. Bliss out (and remember to call your Dad! Without Mom and Dad, your odometer would be at zero!).

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