Goonies Never Say Die

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We waited around two hours for the free shuttle service to take us into town. The chalet I’m staying at is right on the slopes, about a 10 minute drive from all the films and parties. It’s freaking cold here so to not be walking outside for any longer than we had to, we ran into the first place to eat we found. They’d run out of half the stuff on the menu. I guess Sundance is getting too big for the twon and they’re considering moving it. When a bar and grill is out of french fries and hamburgers, it must be pretty damn busy.

After we ate, my goood friend Dominic sacficed his spot at the premier of the Beastie Boy’s new film “Awesome, I Fuckin Shot That!”, so I could go. The film was scheduled to start at Midnight. Adam Horovitz (Ad Rock) came down to the front of the theatre to introduce the film. He was pretty chill, a bit nervous actually, which kind of blew my mind considering he’s been performing in front of tens of thousands since the early 1980’s, when I bought my first tape ever, Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill.

The film was an interesting compilation of footage shot by 50 fans and 11 crew cameras at one of their concerts at the Garden in NYC. It was pretty rad. Made you feel like you were at the concert. A few times people started to clap after songs, forgetting they were actually in a theatre in Utah. After the film, Adam came back up front with Mix Master Mike and the editors to do some Q&A. It was lighthearted and he made fun of the people with pretentious film questions, which I apprecaited.

We got back to the chalet at about 2:30 Almost everyone here works with or knows famous people. I’ve been hanging out with an entertainment lawyer who’s putting out an Elliot Smith tribute album, a NY Times & National Geographic contracted photographer, a chef with a show on the food network, an event promoter who booked this place and thankfully hooked me up with tickets to events and a spot to crash here, and a talent agent who brought one his clients over to hang out last night. It was about 3am when Corey Feldman and his wife walked in. I was like, “Hey Feldman, Goonies never say die!” Then he made me do the truffle shuffle. No, actually I didn’t talk to him. I was interested in him though, maybe since he was a childhood hero. “Goonies” is all time favorite of mine The dancing and partying went on until about 5am and I got around five hours of sleep. This luxury lifestyle is serving as a nice grand finally before I head into the developing world for the next couple months.

Most everyone is snowboarding today, but between my messed up ankle and lack of any winter gear, I’m opting to go see some more films and famous people instead. Tonight we’re on the list for a private party that the Beastie Boys are playing at. Tomorrow, maybe Metallica.

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  1. Kristin Says:

    I’m jealous that you are hanging out with famous people! Please take a picture of someone for me!

  2. Kirstie Says:

    My best friend, Mary Biosic, met you at Sundance and sent me your site. I am so impressed. I hope that this will be an amazing adventure for you. I loved the videos and the “Crib’s” style filming of the house. Your commentary is priceless. You honestly had me laughing my ass off with your Corey Feldman quips. F@#!# FUNNY!!! Best of luck with your travels and I can’t wait to read and see more.

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