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I’ve had a small change of plans concerning my around the world trip. It was going to be in a few years from now…but I’ve moved it up. As soon as I can afford to survive on foot, for at least a year, without working…I’m leaving. I’m hoping by next spring or summer I’ll be off. Probably starting in Europe. Right now I have $28…so it’s back to work…big time. As soon as the necessary cash is there, I’ll sell my car, put my stuff in storage, rent out my place and be gone. I plan to travel lighter than ever before, but this time bring a laptop and a GPS receiver. With this, I’ll be able to update my website with images and location a lot more often. Oh, I’m excited alright. Blamo!

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  1. ksunturtle Says:

    Get out of here you crazy couch traveller… and return with stories that make you forget to blink….

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