Kolkata Or Not, Here I Come

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Oh wow, it’s Saturday? My Indian visa should be ready on Monday, so I better start looking for flights. It’s kind of last minute, but last time I checked the budget airlines don’t care how far I booked in advance.

First let me search my favorite site, Orbitz. Ahh..they don’t book flights out of Singapore. Ok, so I’ll try my old favorite Travelocity…damn, the cheapest flight they can actually ticket is Singapore Airlines at $500. Gulp!

Oh yea, Lonely Planet reccommended that site Zuji. Why don’t I give them a shot?

Awesome, flights from Singapore to Delhi, India for prices around $250-$350. Let me purchase one now!

What the??? Now that I try to buy it it’s saying the non-stop flights are too close to ticket! If i want to leave soon, then it seems my only option is a very long two day trip that should take only about 5-7 hours?!?!

Phew it’s been like three hours and I’m getting fed up with these half-working websites. Let me search Google for some Singapore travel agents and try actually talking to a person.

Wow, everyone’s closed at 10pm on Saturday night? Go figure.

Ooooooo…what’s this little ad? “Jetstar Asia“? I’ve never heard of them. Hmm, they look very Southwest. Click click…

Ahhh..no flights to Delhi.

But wait…Kolkata? Hmmm…Phil did tell me his friend that flies to India told him to fly in anywhere except Kolkata. But, ya know… for some reason that kind or made me want to start there. Plus it sets me up to cross over some places I wanted to see east of Delhi…

How much? WHOA! $130?!?!

Ok wait. I should do some research on Jetstar, since I’ve never heard of them. Oh…they’re owned by Quantas?! I wonder what the safety records for them versus the other two airlines are. Interesting…

Airline | Flights (millions) | Fatal Events
Qantas | 1.02 | 0
Indian Airlines | 2.50 | 12
Air India | 0.44 | 3


Tuesday, 21 March 06 | Jetstar Asia Airways Flight 3K 571
Depart Singapore at 7:45 pm and arrive in Kolkata at 9:10 pm

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  1. stacey Says:

    oh man i’m sooo jealous!!!

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