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Hello You,

First off, thanks for following along with my travel stories and photography for so long. Don’t worry, it’s not over yet!

I thought it well to let you know I am taking a short break here in Germany before another stint of moving around this fall. Sometime in October I’ll be heading again by VW bus through Eastern Europe down to Athens, Greece. I may also spend a couple of weeks backpacking through Egypt before going home for the holidays. Although I won’t be moving around as much, I will still be traveling, writing and taking photos come 2007; possibly beginning with a relatively long term move to Thailand.

Speaking of photos, I am very excited to tell you that after a weeklong battle with the German MasterCard and banking system, I was able to withdraw my insurance reimbursements and purchase a new camera yesterday. Look out for new photos as well as more stories coming soon

If you would spare a few more minutes, I could really use your help with a couple quick things.

First off, I’d like to know which (if any) of my stories were most memorable for you. Are there any that you can think of straight away? Any that really stuck in your mind? If so, then please write me a quick description in the box below about a few of the stories you liked. Don’t worry about finding the titles or links, I can do that. My reason for this is I would like to clean a few stories up and send them off to some publishing people to see if I might make a few dollars to keep traveling with.

Second, I could use some website work. I’ve been developing websites for a long time and can build just about anything from a simple webpage to a giant online store. Although I work from abroad, I am connected with some high-end designers and photographers in the northeast who can meet face-to-face with clients. If you know anyone who needs a website (whether they know it or not), please write me a note with the persons contact info in the box below.

Danke schön!

– John

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