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Tuesday 2/21
Boat to Koh Phangan. Go trekking to waterfalls and see monkeys dancing with toothbrushes. Stay in bungalow on the beach.

Friday 2/24
Boat to airport at Koh Samui during the day. Fly to Bangkok at night on Bangkok Airlines # PG190. Stay at guesthouse near airport in Bangkok.

Saturday 2/25
Fly to Phanom Pehn, Cambodia in the morning on Bangkok Airlines # PG920. Visit the Killing Fields. Stay at Asia Hotel.

Sunday 2/26
Drive rental car to Siem Riep, Cambodia. Visit one of seven world wonders – Angkor Wat. Stay at Siem Reap Hotel.

Monday 2/27
Drive rental car back to Phanom Pehn. Stay at Asia Hotel again.

Saturday 2/28
Fly back to Bangkok in the morning on Bangkok Airlines # PG921

2 Thoughts on “Next Nine Days”

  1. UT Says:

    Your itinerary is a month behind. This is February, month 2 in the year not January, month 1.

  2. bianca Says:

    i am addicted to this, just so you know.

    also monkeys are more than just bananas and dancing with toothbrushes. they make faces that are unacceptable in society.

    also i like how you are going back in time to january in order to accomplish all these things.

    stay safe!

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