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In many ways the past year came and went incredibly quickly, yet it feels like I have been traveling forever. And at this point I feel as if that’s exactly what I’ll do.

There have been times when I tired of moving around. I will probably never spend a single year traveling so many different places again. It wears me down and the best experiences came when I got to know a place and the people.

Yes, traveling forever, in some form or another, I believe to be my likely destiny.

Maybe I’m still young with the idea. Maybe it will fizzle out. Maybe I will soon find my way back onto the straight rails of life.

God, I hope not.

My reasons for doing this website, for writing these stories and taking these pictures, is that some might find the motivation or excitement they need to follow their own dreams of travel. I have found no better life teacher than crossing borders and meeting people who I don’t understand and who don’t understand me.

Through travel, so much can be learned about the world and ourselves. I wholeheartedly believe that the more we understand; the better off we are. Travel makes us understand. Travel makes us better.

It may not be travel that everyone wants. In that case, my hope is that by reading my stories and seeing my pictures, some may simply find the motivation they need to follow their passions, whatever they are. Passionate people paint the world and the more we paint, the more beautiful a world we all live in.

As for now, I will be staying put here in Providence for at least a month or two. I am living at an artist residency space downtown.

Despite my ardent efforts to stay a single and solo traveler this year, the German girl I met in Spain managed to win my heart. At the end of January, Desiree will join me here for her first time on the left side of the map. From then our plans are uncharted, but we are looking south and talking about volunteering.

I will still be making posts now and then, but if you would like to be notified of my next travels either on this website or a new one, please sign up for notifications. You can remove yourself at any time with just one click.

Be well, travel far and please, if nothing else; live your dreams.

3 Thoughts on “To Be Continued…”

  1. UT Says:

    It was great while it lasted. I will miss the updates and submitting my comments. I loved busting your chops from thousands of miles away. The site was great and the pictures really helped me get a sense of place.
    I’m glad you’re home but, don’t get complacent. Keep up the excitement in your life. Keep up your energy and motion. Thomas Aquinas said “Energy begets energy.” The more you do the more you can do. Your potential is limitless.

    PS Do you still wave to people on overpasses hoping they wave back?

  2. Ruth Siperstein Says:

    Good to hear from you. I am glad you are here in RI.I am sure your family was happy to have you home for the holidays. Good luck with your plans to keep travelling. . . and how nice that,it seems, you will have a companion.

    Stay in touch, and keep writing . . it may be your way into a life of travel. If I can help, the offer holds.
    best, Ruth

  3. Me Says:

    UT. Everyone loved your comments. Some looked forward to them more than my posts! Too bad the last one made it sound like I was done with all this. It’s just a short hiatus! I’ll be off again soon!

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