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It’s damn cold in Europe right now. Having been following summer weather since January, it really caught me by surprise. We’ve been boiling water on the stove in the van for heat, but the damp air is starting to warp all my books. Our hopes are that as we make our way south, things will warm up again.

The rest of my travels this year are somewhat planned out. Desiree and I are making our way through Eastern Europe to Istanbul and then finally Greece where I’ll put the VW in long term parking at Athens International and we’ll fly together to Egypt. A week later, my good friend Mike will be meeting us in Cairo.

We will check out the pyramids, the sphinx and maybe climb Mt Sinai where Moses got the big ten handed down to him. It will be Mike and my first time traveling in a predominantly Arabic country and Desiree’s fourth or fifth. Can’t wait!

On December 1st, Mike and I will fly to Athens and leave Desiree in Egypt to study Arabic. From there we will drive north through Eastern and Western Europe, stopping in some major cities on the way to Amsterdam, where I’ll leave my van with Donna to sell before flying home with Mike on December 19th.

I’ve traveled with Mike before. When he spent a year living in his Honda Civic and driving around the USA, I met up with him for two weeks from San Diego to San Antonio. While on the topic of Mike, I must mention his new business that has exploded in recent months; the Providence Ghost Tour . They are giving tours to well over 100 people every weekend and making waves in the local press. If you want to check it out, be sure to buy tickets in advance and tell Mike I said hi!

I’m glad to be traveling with other people for the rest of the year. Buying the van was a good idea, but it’s a pretty lonely way to travel. I definitely wouldn’t do a road trip alone again. I can say that overall I prefer backpacking, but it’s still been a good experience.

My travel plans after the holidays are still up in the air. The most important thing is that I have a good internet connection as that will be my source of income. I’ve already started a couple of new business ventures.

As of now I’m considering living a bunch of places, including Thailand, Brazil and Paris. Or maybe I’ll ride my bike across America and back…if I can figure out a way to keep my laptop charged. New ideas pop into my head almost daily, so who knows.

Anyway, I’ll be traveling in one form or another come next year.

3 Thoughts on “Travel Update”

  1. mike Says:

    thanks for the props johnny, looking forward to next month!

  2. UT Says:

    Why didn’t Mike call me to help him set up his business?

  3. Maureen Marandola Says:

    Hi John,
    I’m so glad your Mom gave me your website. I really enjoy reading your adventures to the countries you’ve visited. It’s like reading a great book and I look forward to reading the next chapter! And the pictures are excellent. I told your Mom you could be a writer and or photograher.
    I look forward to your future travels.

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