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Some countries require an ID photo to get a Visa. I’ve read that getting them in advance can make things much easier, so I went over to Kinko’s while in Salt Lake City. I knew Kinko’s had a passport photo service, but I suspected that like AAA’s, it may be expensive. Sure enough, the copy people wanted to charge me $14 to take and print 2 digital pictures. Not only that but they would charge me another $12 for each additional pair. Considering my plan was to bring 20 photos on my trip, this would quickly add up to over $100. Somewat expecting this, I had Dom take a picture of me in front of a white wall before I left the hotel.

I knew there were strict guidelines for a US Passport photo and that these same restrictions are used for most Visas’, so I asked the customer service rep to see the template and guidelines they follow. Straight on shot, with the head spanning 2/3 and shoulders included, no smile, white background and 2″x2″ printed dimensions.

I plugged in my laptop and got to work. About 15 minutes later I handed the guy my jump drive and asked for one 8.5×11 glossy print. Less than five minutes pass and I’m holding a sheet with twenty professional looking passport photos of me on a bad hair day.
“How much?” I ask, already sure that I’ve saved a ton.
“Sixty three cents” replies the cashier.
I go to hand him my Amex and he stopys me saying, “Sorry, we don’t except credit cards for charges under a dollar…”, then he shrugs his shoulders continuing, “but..eehhhh…don’t worry about it. Just take it.”

I’ve been living a relatively luxurious lifestyle the past couple years, so it hasn’t been easy to shift into a budget travel grove. My target per diem is $75 including living and travel expenses, so as you can see I’m not exactly on track. However, the US is more expensive than most places I’ll be, so I’m not sweating it.

Besides the cultural advantage of travel on the cheap, I’ll be able to go much further and longer by pinching my Baht. You know how far $130 will get me in Asia? Check out my Avg Living/Day Expenses in Thailand!

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  1. adesanaya Says:

    i want to sew romania visa picture now

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