Honk Honk!

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On the crowded walkway escalators in international airports, there are always some people who do not obey the rule “stand on the right, pass on the left”. I must say, it’s usually Americans. We’re the only ones who don’t commonly walk on escalators. Why would we walk when we can stand still?

Anyway, there are always pilots and crew in a rush for a flight who come careening onto the escalator muttering out the rules with attitude. Recently I was walking briskly behind a wad of about fifteen people, when we all came to a stumbling halt because two women were engrossed in conversation and oblivious to the rules and the crowd of people coming towards them.

Of course a pilot came up behind me. He tapped my shoulder and started talking some business to me as if I didn’t know the rules. Did he actually think me and the fifteen other people were just parked there enjoying the free indoor breeze?

He probably honks in traffic.

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